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    June 2022
    M T W T F S S
    Thursday, June 13
    A publication of the Industrial Workers of the World union in Arizona and Sonora
    Una publicación del sindicato de les Trabajadores Industriales del Mundo en Arizona y Sonora

    Your 2022 SON HUELGAZ Editorial Committee has been working away on a new series of worker stories we are calling “The Grind”.

    The goal is to hear from workers just like you: What’s it like out there? How do things get done at your workplace? What’s up with your Shitty McBoss? We want to know how capitalism really functions. We want the perspective of those who DO ALL THE WORK – those who PRODUCE ALL THE WEALTH – those who feed and clothe and house the world with their labor. We want workers to tell it like it is. And maybe by reading about YOUR grind, a fellow wage slave somewhere will get inspired to organize and fight back at THEIR grind.

    Bryan has 37 pieces of flair, and a winning smile.

    In this series you will hear tales of:

    Grocery store clerks

    Manufacturing workers

    Independent contractors

    “Travelling salesmen”

    Emergency medical workers


    Workers in food production

    Computer programmers

    Retail slaves

    Game workers

    Teachers and education staff

    and much more!

    Stay tuned in, Fellow Workers!

    The Grind is going to interpret the world of work. The point, however, is to change it. Join the IWW today.

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