Arizona IWW Calendar
    January 2021
    M T W T F S S
    Tuesday, July 23
    A publication of the Industrial Workers of the World union in Arizona and Sonora
    Una publicación del sindicato de les Trabajadores Industriales del Mundo en Arizona y Sonora

    Here are 10 things you could do if your job sucks:

    10.) Give up. Accept that you are a miserable slave and that your boss is your master. Take all the indignities they force upon you and say profound things like, “It’s all good.” “I am blessed just to have a job.” “You can’t fight city hall.” and “It is what it is.”

    Only the finest, my friends.

    9.) Drink yourself into a stupor so you forget all about how shitty your job is until… well tomorrow. Or at least Monday.

    8.) Bitch and complain over social media like one of your fake-ass virtual friends gives a shit. But watch what happens when you propose to do something… oh yeah where are the big talkers now?

    7.) Call the Better Business Bureau. This doesn’t even need me to rag on it but I have heard several co-workers threaten this bold and decisive action over the years. Right here belongs “let’s put all our energy into the upcoming election! [Insert Meme here of like a dude with a long ass beard and icicles dangling from his eyebrows and it says like “Waiting for representatives of the State to address the foundational contradiction of capitalism, the unfreedom of the wage earner.”] (Ok, I confess I suck at memes.)

    6.) Sue the company! NO! Sue your manager AND the whole frickin’ company! NO! Sue your direct supervisor, AND the manager, AND the frickin’ regional reps AND the blasted CEO herself! AND the whole world-wide global transnational conglomeration!! AND their holding company! AND the commercial banks that sort of actually own the company, pretty much. Yeah, fuck all them. Another Michelob ULTRA, please.

    Shitty attempt at meme.

    5.) Call the Arizona Labor Department. This actually is not a bad idea if done as part of a multi-pronged strategy, escalating tactics, specific and winnable demands, solidarity amongst co-workers, etc…. (see #1)

    4.) Blah blah bLAJ

    3.) Blah blahhhh oh yeah I forgot to say Quit. (Which actually is not a bad idea… Your job does suck hard, remember?)

    2.) Hardy har har….

    1.5) Go to back to school to get your… wait, you already did that.

    1.) Join the IWW and organize to fight back! This is the real deal, my friends. If you hate your job because it sucks and you quit to find another, chances are that next job is going to be only slightly better and pretty soon it will suck as well. The only real solution is for workers to organize together, stand up to our employers, and demand to be treated as human beings. Join the IWW today, fellow worker, and don’t look back!

    Please, friends. Do this for YOURSELF.

    Join the One Big Union and let’s get the bastards who really do suck…

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