Arizona IWW Calendar
    April 2024
    M T W T F S S
    Tuesday, April 23
    A publication of the Industrial Workers of the World union in Arizona and Sonora
    Una publicaciĆ³n del sindicato de les Trabajadores Industriales del Mundo en Arizona y Sonora

    Join the IWW Today!

    Soon, right here, there will be a useful and thorough checklist of all the to-dos and don’t-forgets that a new member could ever dream of. In the meantime, click on the above link to be taken to “Red Card”, the automated system for joining the IWW in the modern age. I believe that you have to create an account first, then the system sends you an email, and then you have to find it in your spam folder or whatever… I think maybe once you’re properly logged in and you do a quick little harmless eye-scan, and after describing your educational, medical, criminal, and genealogical background, you got to make sure and pay your dues. That’s all I can tell you for now. Anyway check back here for more info.

    Either way, Welcome to the One Big Union!

    Look for these things soon:

    • List of reading materials for new as well as experienced Wobblies
    • How-to manuals for various officer positions, etc.
    • Basics of workplace organizing and where to get more
    • Tips, tidbits, and advice for new and potential members

    Until then, has most of that stuff already.